Sinuote Ningxia (Guyuan) Planting base

Good products from high-quality raw materials, with the purpose of "quality from professional beliefs, sinuote from the source began for specialized operation, strictly control the quality of raw materials. 




From the resource survey, raw material base location, seed selection, planting, harvesting to the supplier assessment and control, on a per link we have professional research, planning and research, with the purpose of environmental protection, the principle of sustainable development and scientific construction own raw materials base and raw material supply.

Sophora flavescens

Tartary Buckwheat

Sinuote of raw materials from most of the medicinal plants of the produced in China, at present, we have been in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region built with Radix Astragali planting base, base of Radix Isatidis, burdock root base, base of Radix Codonopsis, Radix Bupleuri, base, sea buckthorn base independent raw materials base, each year, an adequate supply of quality raw materials to ensure, ensure the stability of raw material quality and quantity, for our products at the same time reduce the cost is very big, to every one of our customers!